Callahan Animal Hospital

          SERVICES :

  • Preventive medicine
  • Surgical services
  • Medical treatment
  • Dental services
  • ​Vaccinations
  • X-rays
  • Microchipping
  • Flea control products
  • Heartworm preventatives
  • Limited boarding​
  • Laser therapy
  • Assorted over the counter products (shampoos, ear mite meds,nail trimmers,collars,leashes, etc.)
  • Online pharmacy with home delivery

We give discounts to Senior Citizens 65 yr. or  older, active military, and multiple surgical procedures as well as new pets.

      Office call $30  Yearly Office Calls $40  (includes    other pets brought in at same time)  
      Recheck fee $20
      Emergency call $85 (After hours) Our regular 
      clients only.
      Emergency call $60 (During regular hours)
      Nail trim $12
      Express anal sacs $18 (no charge with yearly    
      exam with vaccinations)
      Microchips $60.

      Surgical procedures

       Cat Spay $120 (must be 6 mo. or older)  If 7 yr. or older          lab work is recommended. If cat is in heat $15 extra.
        If cat is pregnant an extra charge is added.

       Cat Castration $100 (must be 6 mo. or older) 

       Cat Declaw (Front Only) $150 (All Four) $200 (must  
       be 6 mo. or older)

       Dog Spay (up to 20 lbs) $125 (all dogs must be 6 mo.
                        (21 to 30 lbs) $140   or older) If older than 
                        (31 to 40 lbs) $160  7 yr. labwork is recom-
mended.            (41 to 45 lbs) $180  )
                        (Over 45lbs refer to another vet.

       Dog Castration (up to 35 lbs) $125   (must be 6 mo. or
                                (36 to 65 lbs) $160  older) If 8 yr. or 
                                (66 to 95 lbs) $180 older labwork is
                                (96 to 100 lbs) $200 recommended)

       (Dog castrations must wear Elizabethan collars to                prevent their chewing out their stitches).

       (Multiple surgical procedures or surgical patients get a
       $5 discount).

       Tail Docks (5 days or less) $30 (up to 3 pups)
                                                   $20 (4 or more pups)
                         (if older than 5 days check with Dr.)

Callahan Animal Hospital Services
 At Callahan Animal Hospital, we take care to provide our customers high quality services. We try to schedule our clients using appointments in order to make visits more convenient.
.However, emergencies are always seen as soon as possible.
 Sometimes it is not possible for clients to schedule appointments ahead of time, so we also welcome walk-ins. . 

​  VACCINES      ​                      

​  Lyme dis. (1st and 2nd) $22
                 (Booster)       $26
  FVRCP $22
  FeLV     $25

The yearly exam and vaccinations for dogs runs  $73 With Heartworm test $100.

Yearly exam and vaccination for dogs includes:
Physical exam, worm check, Rabies vacc.,  
Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto., and Parvovirus vacc.

If needed a Bordetella or Lyme disease can be added at extra cost as is worm medicine if needed.

The yearly exam for cats runs $76. With FeLV the cost is $101.. Heartworm prevention in cats
​is optional.
The yearly exam and vaccinations for cats includes:
Physical exam, worm check, Rabies and FVRCP vacc.
. If needed a Feline Leukemia test can be done at extra cost.

Our new pet program for dogs runs $20 plus $19 for 1st DA2PLCPV. Exam and worm check is included. Worm medicine if needed is extra.

Our new pet program for cats runs $20 plus $22 for 1st FVRCP. Worm medicine is extra.

  (Senior citizens 65 yrs. or older and active 
   military receive 5% discounts).


Worm check $22
Parvo test $40
Heartworm test $27
Feline Leukemia test $40
Skin Scraping $26
Urinalysis w/ Microscopic exam $45
Fungal culture $50
Blood Glucose test  $24
Hematocrit $20
Complete blood count $85
​Presurgical chemistry $85
Comprehensive chemistry $150


Cats $110              

 (If  pets areover 8 yrs. old labwork is recommended)  

Dogs (up to 35  lbs) $120  
         (36 to 60 lbs) $160  
​         (61 to 100 lbs) $200 

Laser Therapy 
 Set up visit- $35. Each follow up is $15
Rabies $14
Bordetella $22